SI Tuna Club 2019 Calender of Events and Important Dates

                                       January 2019

January 9th             General Membership Meeting

January 10th-13th  Raritan Garden State Outdoor Sports Show

January 23-27th     New York Boat show

January 31st           Board of Directors Meeting

February 2019

February 6th                  General Membership Meeting

February 20                   Burgers & Beers

February 27-Mar 3rd    Atlantic City Boat Show

February 28th                Board of Directors Meeting

March 2019

March 3rd              SITC Inshore/ offshore Expo

March 6th               General Membership Meeting

March 15th-17th    Edison Saltwater Fishing Expo

March 28th             Board of Directors Meeting

April 2019

April 3rd      General Membership Meeting

April 15th     Start of Jerry Woods Season Long Striper Bass Tournament

                       (Members Only Tournament)

April 17th     Burgers & Beer

April 25th     Board of Directors Meeting

May 2019

June 2019

June 1st      Armed Forces Invitational Striped Bass Tournament

June 5th      General Membership Meeting

June 19th    Burgers & Beer

June 22nd   24 hr Bass Shoot out

June 27th    Board of Directors Meeting

June 29th    Shark Tournament

July 2019

July 6th      Richie Addeo Fluke Tournament

July 10th    General Membership Meeting

July 17th    Burgers & Beer

July 20th    Grandpa Savino Memorial Fluke Tournament

July 25th    Board of Directors Meeting

August 2019

August 7th         General Membership Meeting

August 17th        Jim Ryan Fluke Tournament

August 21st       Burgers & Beer

August 29th       Board of Directors Meeting

September 2019

September 4th     General Membership Meeting

September 7th     SITC Fluke Tournament

September 18th   Burgers & Beer

September 26th   Board of Directors Meeting

October 2019 

October 2nd      General Membership Meeting

October 12th     Gorilla Blue Fish Tournament

October 16th     Burgers & Beers 

October 24th     Board of Directors Meeting

October 26th     Big BassTournament

November 2019 

November 6th      General Membership Meeting

November 13th    Burgers & Beer

November 21st     Board of Directors Meeting

December 2019

December 4th      General Membership Meeting

December 7th      Annual Christmas Party

December 18th    Burgers & Beers

December 26th    Board of Directors Meeting

May 1st                General Membership Meeting

May 17th-18th    Spring Bass Tournament       

May 22nd            Burgers & Beer

May 26th             Memorial Day Regatta

May 30th            Board of Directors Meeting