SI Tuna Club 2017 Calender of Events and Important Dates

                                       January 2017

January 4th >       General Membership Meeting

January 12th-15th > Raritan Garden State Outdoor Sports Show

January 26th>       Board of Directors Meeting

February 2017

February 1st >        General Membership Meeting

February 5th-6th > Kids Fishing and Boat Safety Course

February 23rd >      Board of Directors Meeting

March 2017

February 1st >             General Membership Meeting

February 17th-19th >  Somerset Saltwater Fishing Expo

February 30th >           Board of Directors Meeting

April 2017

April 5th >   General Membership Meeting

April 15th > Start of Jerry Woods Season Long Striper Bass Tournament

(Members Only Tournament)

April 27th > Board of Directors Meeting

May 2017

May 2nd >            General Membership Meeting

May 12th-14th > Spring Bass Tournament

May 25th >          Board of Directors Meeting

May 28th >          Memorial Day Regatta

June 2017

June 7th >   General Membership Meeting

June 9th >   Armed Forces Invitational Striper Bass Tournament

June 24th > Fluke Tournament

June 29th > Board of Directors Meeting

July 2017

July 8th >    Pink Ribbon  Fluke Tournament

July 12th > General Membership Meeting

July 22nd> Grandpa Savino Memorial Fluke Tournament

July 27th > Board of Directors Meeting

August 2017

August 2nd >     General Membership Meeting

August 6th >      Annual Picnic

August 12th >    Jim Ryan Fluke Tournament

August 31st >    Board of Directors Meeting

September 2017

September 6th >   General Membership Meeting

September 9th >    John Haugen Memorial Kids Fishing Tournament

September 28th > Board of Directors Meeting

October 2017 

October 4th >    General Membership Meeting

October 14 >     Gorilla Blue Fish Tournament 

October 26th >  Board of Directors Meeting

November 2017 

November 1st   >      General Membership Meeting

November 3rd-5th > Big Bass Tournament

November 20th >      Board of Directors Meeting

December 2017

December 2nd >   Annual Christmas Party

December 6th >   General Membership Meeting

December 29th > Board of Directors Meeting