Established 1938
What we look like today ?
We still follow our forefather's missions and goals.
What are the mission and goals of the Staten Island Tuna Club?
Our mission and goals include;
Provide a forum for developing new friends with similar interests.
Build and organization to help saltwater anglers create personal network for high quality/accurate fishing information.
Create a compelling educational program, with venues including members and educating members and guest speakers that bring valuable expertise and knowledge to SITC members.
Support charitable causes that are aligned with the interests of the SITC members.
How we are different today?
We are dedicated to continue being the oldest, best and foremost fishing club on the East Coast.
We have multiple fishing tournaments, derbies or rodeo's every year. These competitions are both members only and open to the public. SITC changes with the times and stays present with technology and new fishing techniques.
We now enjoy the entire fishery in our area, which includes but not limited to:
Tuna, Sharks, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Winter Flounder, Weakfish, Tautog (Blackfish), Seabass, Porgies and more
Although we still live by the same values and still fish for Giant Bluefin Tuna and other Tuna we have significantly expanded our horizons. This all is in line with keeping dedicated to the Mission and Goal of our founders.
Friendship, Brotherhood, Charity and yes, FISHING
Q: Who are the SITC'S typical members?
A: SITC is made up of owners of offshore-capable boats who fish saltwater through the year; their regular and experienced crew; and anglers who may not currently have offshore boats but have boath keen interest in skills that align with the SITC's mission.
Q: Must I own a boat to join SITC?
A: No, a boat is not prerequisite. Our bylaws call for members that own offshore and inshore capable boats and members who do not. Our goal is to build a club that is highly relevant for fishermen who have a common set of interests that focus on ocean fishing from boats. We have members who have very strong backgrounds as crew members or a professional captain captain operating party or private boat but do not own their own boat.
Q: I am looking to join a crew of an offshore fishing boat. Can I find that opportunity here?
A: Maybe. The primary goal of this club is to help avid fishermen build their personal network, which could lead to the opportunity to fish aboard other members' boats. However, paring boat owners with crew is not a direct goal of this club.
Q: I don't have a lot of experience with offshore and wreck fishing, but I am very interested in learning more about this. Would the club be a good fit for me?
A: Quite possibly. While we are looking for experienced fishermen to participate in our club, we do bring members into our group based on their interest and ambitions. We do like to share our expertise with new fishermen, and several members that "grew" into the club after joining.
Q: Is this club also a social club?
A: We're a fishing club first and foremost. At the current time, the only activities we have planned are related to fishing.
Q: What if I only fresh water, or surf fish?
A: The goal of SITC is to focus or wreck fishing and offshore/inshore saltwater fishing from aboard boats. As a result, this club probably is not the right one for you.
Q:Where is the club based?
A: Many anglers live in Staten Island, which is where most of the club functions will be held. However, we welcome anglers with similare interests who reside further away.
Q: Where are the meetings held?
A: Our meetings are held at Great Kills Yacht Club, 37 Mansion Ave in Great Kills, Staten Island the 1st Wedsneday of each month at 8:00pm.
Q: How many people are in the club?
A: As of fall 2009, we have 70 members, most of who have been with us for 3 or more years?
Q: How old is the club?
A: SITC is over 50 years old and started in 1938
Q: What upcoming tournaments and events are planned by SITC?
A: See our Tournament and Calendar or Events pages.
Q: What is the cost of membership?
A: Membership cost is modest, at $150 per year, with and additional fee of $100 and a one year probationary period
Q: I don't think this is the right club for me, but I'd like to attend an upcoming meeting because the topic really interests me. Can I come?
A: Sure--non members are welcome to attend meetings. We do ask you to contribute a small fee to help cover the costs associated with running our meetings.
Q: I am interested in getting involved. What is my next step?
A: Instructions for submitting a membership application can be found on the membership page. Also, look at our calender of events to see when our next meeting will be held.
Q: I would like to request a copy of the clubs financials. Who should I contact?
A: You may submit a request for the information by writing and email to If you would like a printed copy, an adminstrative fee may apply.
Q: I have more questions. Who should I contact?
A: Visit the Board of Directors page to reach one of our club officers.